Feature 002 - ‘BLESS’ Cover + Visualiser
Music, Album Artwork, Video

Promoting BLESS for Merlyn Wood

In early 2024 Merlyn Wood, formerly of Brockhampton, approached me to assist in creating visuals for his new Single, ‘BLESS’. Working with provided photography, his direction was clear, wanting to transform his portraits into glowing surreal images. In Photoshop I worked to create a toggleable effect, where his body would glow, and project onto the surrounding scene. 

This process allowed me to transform his images into animated GIFs, as the glow effect increased and decreased, over a selection of portraits. After this, the animations were compiled to create an accompanying visualiser for the release of the song itself on Youtube.

Photoshop, Premiere

Jack Churchley is a Sydney-based Graphic Designer working in and around Music, with 5 years of experience designing for an array of artists, from International acts like Kevin Abstract and Nate Dae, to local rising talent, all across digital and and physical processes, to create uniqe artwork.

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