Feature 005 - T4* ‘It Rained On My Head Today’ Cover
Music, Album Artwork

Debut Album Cover for Producer/Rapper T4*

Through my work with Nate Dae, I was contacted to work on new artwork, this time for his close friend and producer T4, who was in the process of releasing his solo debut. The artwork would represent his first outing not just as a solo artist, but as a vocalist as well. Nate guided me on the envisioned direction, wanting to emphasise that this was T4’s first release, and use the art direction to convey a sence of isolation and singularity in his stature as an artist. The scene was composited with a cold tone, surrounding the figure representing T4 with wolves to drive home this point. The cover felt sparse still with just this visual alone, so the sticker device was designed to both bring attention to the artist, and also bring back a sense of balance to the overall image as it were. 

To accompany and promote the album release, a back cover for the records was designed, continuing the superficial visual motifs of the album cover with a frozen landscape serving as the backdrop for the tracklist. 

The Single Cover for ‘Talkin To Me’ was designed to mimic the cover, picking up on some of the graphic concepts it alluded to, bet it in the colour focused upon - the indigo of the single’s sticker tying into the hues in the backdrop of the cover art for the album. The imagery was a request directly from T4, who wanted to see the cover make reference to his love for pulpy science fiction films of the 50’s. The same distressed and pointilism style effects were applied to the created image of the UFO, to once more tie together the visuals into a cohesive package, celebrating the debut release.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Analogue Design

Jack Churchley is a Sydney-based Graphic Designer working in and around Music, with 5 years of experience designing for an array of artists, from International acts like Kevin Abstract and Nate Dae, to local rising talent, all across digital and and physical processes, to create uniqe artwork.

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