Feature 006 - ‘Angel Dust’ EP Rollout
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EP Release Design 
for Icarus

In late 2021 I was approached to design and manage the visual direction and release for Sam Brew, under his moniker ‘Icarus.’ We’d previously worked on multiple releases together, previously establishing a defined visual for his specific brand and an aesthetic language that we’d constantly strictly kept to. For this project, he gave a brief outline of inspiring visuals, with a keen desire to have two strong juxtaposing image looks for the Singles and the main full EP release. The project would also include creating promotional imagery for each Single release which consisted both of static and video material, the production of live show visuals for the artists’ first performance, as well as material advertising this first gig.

The core project focused on combining physical and digital design processes - the Singles lead the main art direction for the entire project with their combination of digital composition in Photoshop and the creation of key art elements in Illustrator, before the whole design was printed out and collaged in order to bring in a more tactile feel to the artwork as present in the final result for the two Singles.

This process then informed the creation of the main cover for the EP, which was first sketched out and mocked up to provide to the photographer who shot the main focal image that I would later work on and make final adjustments to. This process of laying out my ideas and delivering them to another creative with whom I couldn’t personally communicate at first was challenging, but we were aligned in the end through the client, and the images received were perfect to then use and layout for the cover concept. Small editing was applied to the final image, cleaning up some of the smaller details in Photoshop and enhancing the colours to better align with the established art direction, and then returning once again to printing and collaging - this time cutting out the Artist from the photo and implanting a background to lay upon, all combining elements and ideas first laid out in the Single design, but using them now in a new context that suited the cover.

Alongside the main images created for their use as Cover Artwork, I worked on the back cover/tracklist for the project, previously mentioned promotional imagery both for general social media use, and direct callouts to releases and events. For the live show I designed a looping visual with After Effects and Premiere Pro that would assist in the performance aspect. This consisted of three core scenes, each relating to a different piece of used artwork through the project, whilst also being abstract and simple enough to not distract too much from the Artist themselves. From stylised titles of the songs, to the simple looping logo backdrop, as well as ambient footage repurposed and colour edited to fit in line with the main direction of everything designed before. 

Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Analogue Design

Jack Churchley is a Sydney-based Graphic Designer working in and around Music, with 5 years of experience designing for an array of artists, from International acts like Kevin Abstract and Nate Dae, to local rising talent, all across digital and and physical processes, to create uniqe artwork.

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EP Cover Artwork & Tracklist

Single Cover Artworks for ‘Crybaby’ & ‘How Does It Feel?’

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